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In Iceland a village lurks in a song named Oscar

HUSAVIK - HUSAVIK, Iceland - This is a little folk story with worldly elements such as elves. And gleaming statuettes of gold. There are also several nice things that happened in a small town in Iceland, which improbably set itself the stage for a major Hollywood film and now has become the nominee …

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Home Equity in Iceland has doubled in five years

Kjarninn reports that Icelands are taking more mortgage loans and their home equity has doubled over the last five years. According to data published recently by Statistics Iceland. propertyfinder qatar

The combined home capital of Icelanders at end of last year amounted to ISK 4,034 billion [$2…

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Delta starts daily Boston flights to Iceland Service starting on 20 May.

The skyline of 7 April 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Bloomberg / Arnaldur Halldorsson

By Christi Palma  properties for sale

Bostonians will soon be able to fly Delta Air Lines to Reykjavík, Iceland, where beautiful scenery and the world famous Blue Lagoon await you.

On 20 May, Atlanta will…

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First Billionaires' Row Resale Nabs Full Megatower $33 million Asking price!

A condo manager based in Connecticut has purchased a 3-bedroom apartment in NY's 220 Central Park South, the country's most expensive condo tower, according to the buyer's agent for a total cost of $33 million. The deal is the first shutdown in the building. real estate agent

The property sold f…

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In Denmark, a new Zleep hotel is being planned!

The Zleep Hotel in Vejle, Denmark, will be added to Deutsche Hospitality's portfolio.

In Vejle, in the Region of Southern Denmark, a new Zleep Hotel will be built. The project will take place in Havneen, a new urban and residential neighborhood being built alongside the Vejle Fjord promenade. The…

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Do contracts of sale have to be concluded in writing? If so, they have to be notarized?

Theoretically, a real property can be transmitted by means of a verbal agreement under Danish law, but some lawyers believe that a real property transaction is such a complex transaction that a written agreement is actually needed. In any case, the registration of the transfer of ownership involves …

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The Luxury Hotel Ritz-Carlton Built in Old Town Square in Prague!

After years of speculation and debate, in January 2018, construction of a luxury 5-star Ritz Carlton hotel is due to start, reports Hospodářské Noviny.

Green light has been given to the reconstruction, which will include the renovation of eight existing buildings. At the end of 2020, the first…

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Invite Squatting Luxury Apartments!

Who among us did not dream of living a high life on the ritzy street of Prague? The time has come for those with Prague's aspirations to achieve their up-market real estate fantasies on their Prague 11 budget, if only for the day. villa

The new Squat iD23 project will open five apartments for th…

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It would have to be difficult to beat in the market today with a price tag of 122 million CZK.

However, in 2012, Czech Forbes compiled a list of 20 most expensive Prague apartments and was a luxurious penthouse suite, number one, at an extraordinary price of CZK 125 million find property qatar

However, four years later, Penthouse Jeseniova is still looking for an owner. And the price tag …

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How to renovate an old house: 6 good reasons to refurbish and follow the steps

Houzz's original article

It only takes a short walk through any Spanish town or the hills of the wild to see abandoned office blocks, disused warehouses, or beautiful, traditional farmhouses in a sorry state of neglect. for sale

While such melancholy ruins contain a certain mystique, they are…

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